The Frailty of Everything Revealed at Last

Capitalism is the dominant mode of production in the world today, the legacy of 10,000 years of class-divided society and its current manifestation. It is the global system that we’re enmeshed in. The nature of capitalism is omnicidal. This is not simply a moral failing or a mistake: it’s built into the mechanism of how it functions. (This is unfortunate—if it were a moral failing, it might be possible to persuade those who run it to stop).

Global capitalism, as an ordinary, integral part of its daily functioning, kills 2.4 million children under age five because it’s not profitable to provide them with adequate nutrition. As part of its normal functioning, it has cut down 78 percent of old-growth forests. It kills 100,000 Americans annually because it’s not profitable to provide them with adequate health care. It has wiped out 93 percent of the large ocean fish.

'300,000 people die per year because of climate change,' noted Pablo Solón, Bolivia’s ambassador to the UN (Democracy Now, 12/6/10). Untold millions of dead are its direct victims. The direction of global capitalism is clear: increasing hunger, sorrow and misery for the majority, as a few bloated parasites feed off the life-energy of the world. Profit is a cruel imperative.

Stephanie McMillan
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