The Frailty of Everything Revealed at Last

What the fuck. Way to get co-opted and give in, guys. Seriously? As if Occupy Philly wasn’t already allowing themselves to be marginalized and ineffectualized by the city and the police enough, waving signs in their permitted areas and chanting slogans behind walls of police. Occupy Philly was already doing little more than symbolic “action”, especially compared to other manifestations, particularly in Oakland. This is a new low. I’m really disappointed.

Me and a friend were planning on going this Saturday again. Hopefully some people don’t follow the rest of these “protesters”, and instead try to hold the plaza. If they do, I’ll be there to stand up against the power systems of the elite with other true activists and radicals. If not, I’m not wasting my time with people interested only in sign-waving and action only as expressly proscribed by those in authority. Stand up and fight back, Philly!